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You only THINK you want to know. The awful truth (and it's quite horrible) is that I never thought youd come here to read this and am completely unprepared. I SHOULD have worked on something witty or inspirational. Should have, would have, could have. Yet nothing of any worth - just this lame disclaimer as if it excuses the abscence of creativity and lack of resourcefulness. Pathetic, really. Let me assure you I am equally disgusted with this inconsiderate and immature attempt at attention when it was more than reasonable to expect some insight into what makes me so overly fond of myself. Im so wonderful, Im always saying. Arent I great, look at me, aint I special! Oh, how I go on about myself but what is it honestly? Smoke and mirrors, really, nothing more than a weak attempt at cleverness when there is nothing, no earth shattering revelation, no amusing observation, not even an entertaining reflection. You would be wise to disregard all my future posts, being that Im clearly without a worthwhile thought or opinion . On the other hand, fancy you continuing on with this dreadfully egotistical monologue of mine, optimistically anticipating that light at the end of the tunnel (or possibly you've simply been lulled into a stupor). Either way, you persevered and because of that you have not only my respect and admiration, but also my curiosity as to how and why one has endured this tedious writing. I will spare you my speculations, and simply apologize for not providing any financial compensation for the work of having continued to this point. PS I love Elton!

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